One Giant Leap…

…forward? Yes, it feels like that. I’ve written this post a few times over… or rather, I’ve started it at least that many times.  One post went down a very detailed path diving into loss of identity.  One post barely skimmed the surface serving mostly as a “hey, I’m here” kind of thing – much […]

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Gaining Ground

Maybe this has been building for some time, like a kid building a hill in a dry sand box.  Small shovel after shovel of sand moving from one side to the next, not really doing much as we all know what happens with dry sand. But then you hit the moist sand below and now […]

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If you can’t beat ’em…

… join ’em. So let’s say I don’t have my dream job of being a concert tour manager or promoter… so instead I just spend all of my spare change on concert tickets – do you think that applies to the title of the post?  Have I grown comfortable with always being in the audience […]

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there i knew it would be alright

An apology for not having a picture to capture your attention.  I can’t even try to compete with the image I’m trying to explain below.  I do hope you’ll forgive me. This morning’s sunrise was the kind of sunrise you try your best to capture in your memory… to recall on a cloudy day… to […]

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The Schmoo

This force of nature left us yesterday.  It was exponentially harder to let happen than I thought it would be.  Like, rivers of tears harder. I adopted her when she was they very tiniest of kittens.  She made the move from Texas to Arkansas and then to Oregon.  What a life for a cat. She […]

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