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Halloween Creativity

I’m going as Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” for Halloween. All of my creativity for the evening went towards my headpiece for tomorrow.

I found out AFTER putting blood all over my face (.99 cent fake blood mind you) that it might not wash off right away. Ah, c’est la vie.

I better win the costume contest at work – I’m just sayin’.


Today was a day of accomplishment. First off, I cleaned like no woman has ever cleaned before. I re-caulked my bathtub because the last person to do it used the wrong stuff and it was NASTY (I hate nasty when it comes to the bathroom… or any room of the house for that matter). I also rid the 2nd story of my house of every cat hair it contained. That took quite some time and quite a lot of Swiffering, but I think I’m cat hair free… for the moment.

Next was some work in the garden. I pulled up old veggies, picked some veggies that think it’s still August, and found a melon (see above picture). I was quite happy with the melon. It is one that hasn’t fruited all summer so I’m hoping it doesn’t hit freezing for a couple more weeks so this little guy has a chance to hit my breakfast place… ripe.

I then moved on to the daily improvement of my Etsy shop by rephotographing some of my scarves. I would have done all of them but the sun wasn’t on my side tonight (it set before I was finished). You can see the new pictures at

Mission organization complete

I told you I would have a picture of a much more organized space before the weekend was over. Thank you to Target and their awesome sale on 3 tiered metal shelving, I’m organized and ready to craft away. I doubt I’ll get anything else done in the way of crafting this weekend, but this was a pretty big project and I’m sure the crafting gods will forgive me for taking a break until Monday.
Note my creative way of covering up the hole in the sewing machine table – yes, that is a glass cutting board.

New Project

In case I needed more to do, I made this last night. It’s a scarflette, neck-warmer, mini-scarf, whatever you want to call it. It’s basically a good use of yarn leftover from larger projects. I have tons of balls of yarn sitting in grocery bags in my closet just begging to be used for something creative, something clever, something other than a freecycle listing. Last night I came up with that clever and creative idea (with the help of many a knitting site and blog). I have some tweaking to do as it needs more structure and I need to learn how to do button holes, but I was quite pleased with my first attempt.

Tomorrow is another one of my showcases on Etsy – go check it out

It’s not crafting…

but I’m sure it will help my crafting. This is currently my workspace (and my Schmoo kitty underneath my workspace). I’m hoping that by the end of this weekend, I can post a picture of very organized and very creative area. I have everything together – my Etsy shop, my jewerly making, my knitting (even the yarn is nicely put away in plastic bins) but my workspace is AWFUL! I only need to do three things to make it more pleasing – 1. Organize the bedside table that you see in black and white off to the side and move it under the sewing table. 2. Clean off the top of my desk. 3. See, I can’t think of a 3rd, I have no excuse not to do this on Saturday… scratch that, Sunday (Saturday will be reserved for working in the yard).

Tomorrow evening is dedicated to making more pink earrings (I sold mine and need more before my Etsy showcase on Saturday) and taking photos of my scarves and listing them on Etsy. I need to sell those things so I can have excuses to make neck warmers. I bought buttons for the neck warmers… or scarflettes if you want to be cute… but need to move the scarves out so I don’t have a ton of winter, neck accessories laying around.

Now I’m off to treat myself to a gifty from Etsy. I’ve accumulated a nice amount in Paypal from some sales and need to spend a bit so I don’t get grumpy.

I made the pledge

Today I made the pledge to buy only hand made for the Holidays. I’d really like to stick to this and will make my best effort to do so. I’m a bit scared when it comes to thinking about my brothers for Christmas, BUT I know I can do this. Handmade and handmade only.

Everyone should make this pledge at –

With these idyll hands

I welcome you to my blog!

In an effort to maintain daily craftiness and creativity, I have started this blog which will be solely devoted to my endeavors in crafting, gardening, and cooking. Of course, during the cooler months which are approaching quite quickly, this will focus mainly on my love of crafting and cooking, but as the months turn warmer, much of my attention will fall on my garden.

I knit. Currently, I knit scarves and beaded, wire bracelets. After I finish a custom bracelet order for an Etsy customer, I plan on learning to knit socks. I have the book, I have the needles, and I have the sock yarn, I just need to learn the process. If given the choice between a nice scarf, bracelet, or warm socks, I’d choose the socks – so it only makes sense that I tackle that project next.

I began knitting almost 3 years ago. What started out as a hobby for handmade accessories for myself and eventually gifts for friends and family has turned into a small money maker. The knit scarves led to beaded knit wire bracelets which led to my participation in a couple of craft fairs and You can check out my shop at

Stay tuned as I document my crafting/cooking/gardening journey here at