You’re Not in Kansas Anymore

*insert Wizard of Oz tornado scene music here*

My cute little Monopoly house beads have come in – compliments of Origami Central. I officially heart Etsy Alchemy because of these. I posted what I needed and instantly had someone bid on it. No need to wait and wait on another bid when the first one was just what I needed.

I attempted to make the other components of the bracelet this evening and failed miserably. Instead I made a few necklaces and pendants. At least I got some productive work done. Other than that, I’m not really feeling to crafty at the moment. I’m a bit under the weather and think a bubble bath and hot tea is in order.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “You’re Not in Kansas Anymore

  1. casserole says:

    This just proves once more that Etsy rocks!

  2. Oh, this is brilliant. And now I’m wondering–if I got over my Dremel-phobia, could I have made these beads for you. And, of course, the next thought is…what else could I drill holes in…OMG. Wish I were home in the studio!!!

  3. ambika says:

    These are so neat. I haven’t used Alchemy yet but I obviously should give it a try.

  4. Punkinhead says:

    GAAAHH!!! You tease me by photographing your beads on MY BAG!!! I’ll get you my pretty, and your orange bag too!!!! 🙂

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