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And voila!

A new spinning wheel = a new skein of yarn. It’s only 37 yards in length, but it’s lovely, oh so lovely.

I’m very pleased with the new wheel (you can get one for yourself at Ford4Him over on Etsy). I’m also quite pleased with spinning on the wheel. I was nervous about sitting down to spin tonight. I didn’t have anyone to show me how, I was learning from videos and such online, and what other tips I had came via Twitter posts and Etsy convos, this made me nervous. But I spun, slowly, methodically, and voila – a skein.

If it wasn’t past 10PM, I’d go dig up some more wooly batts and spin another skein. However; ’tis late and this girly still has a long week ahead of her.

Bon nuit.

It’s finally here!

Say now – what could possibly be in this box that the post office had for me?

Why, it’s my new spinning wheel. Hoorah!


Finally I’ve taken new photographs and even added some new items to my shop. It was long over due.

I’m not going to lie when I say that October is going to be hell for me. Work is insanely busy this month with shows and receptions out the yahoo (yes, out the yahoo). Aside from work, which is to be expected, I’ve got life to deal with. So life + work… oh yeah… + a huge craft show = one tired 27 year old. I’m looking forward to the craft show… and looking forward to some aspects of work (however, I wish the work part was spread out over a couple of months).

High points that work will bring in October:
Itzhak Perlman
Slow Dancing

So you see, there will be some wicked events taking place at Walton Arts Center in October. However, it is going to wear me to the bone.

Hopefully, the new photos I’ve taken will hold my shop over for a couple of weeks. Once I get through October’s work schedule and craft show schedule, I can concentrate on some new items.

In other news, my spinning wheel arrived today, but the post office is holding it hostage. The postage wasn’t enough, so I need to pay $5. No big deal, but kind of annoying. However, I’ll have it in my hands tomorrow.


Smells Like…

Banana Bread!

This afternoon I had the feeling that cooler, fall like weather will soon be knocking on my door (like, on Wednesday – I checked the weather) and cooler, fall like weather calls for baking. Thankfully I had a bunch of overripe bananas just begging to be mushed up into some banana bread.

It JUST came out of the oven and mmmmm, it smells delicious. I think I’ll go have a seat and fill my belly.

Christmas Sale Number 1 – check.

A friend of mine has already started her Christmas shopping with a few purchases from my shop and a custom order. I love custom orders. I always have, sometimes I wonder “why on earth did I say I’d do this” but in the end, I love them. This time I didn’t grumble at all. I’ve needed a reason to make something, to sit at my table and play with my wire, chain, beads, and other goodies. I needed something to get my mind off of today.

Today was slightly more stressful (okay, extremely more) than usual. I suppose that is how cancer works. Some days are good, full of laughter and smiles and some are stressful, full of tears and the constant question of “why” going through my head.

I try to stay upbeat about this and for the most part I am. But sometimes I find myself thinking about my mom, some memories from the past, some from the way past, some from just a few days ago. They make me cry and I’m sure they will for a while. I don’t know how this is going to turn out – hopefully it turns out well and she has many, many more years ahead of her. She’s healthy, strong, positive, and loved. I just KNOW this will pass.

I just know it.

Sorry – this post went downhill fast, but it’s hard to ignore what’s on your mind. Perhaps some thoughts of future spinning adventures will cheer me up. Perhaps I’ll go pick out some wool for my first attempt at the wheel… once it gets here.

Bon nuit.

I did it

I finally purchased a spinning wheel this evening. Now I’ll be completely impatient waiting for it to arrive. I have so many wonderful batts to spin up and I’m not sure I’ll make it until it gets here. I’ll explode!

Update Successful

What? I listed a new item in my Etsy shop tonight? Get out!

It has taken me just about FOREVER to get some pictures I liked of some of my new items. By forever I mean at least 3 weeks. They are not exactly my favorite pics, but they will do. Once the sun comes out while I’m at home, I’ll get some really great pictures, but for now, I feel like I can list items again. Oh, and even better picture new, Canon is going to fix my broken camera so I’ll really be back to normal soon.

I also sat down and fixed a couple of necklaces that didn’t survive when my craft show display took a nosedive off of the window sill the other day. They are as good as new. While that didn’t lead to any new items, I did sit down and so something at my desk. I finally unpacked the last 2 boxes of crafting goodies I had this past Sunday when I added a shelf to my set up. Now it’s a mess.

I said I unpacked them, I didn’t say anything about organizing them.

I still have grandiose visions of really putting a dent in getting the crafting area cleaned up and the guest room organized before Friday night. Barbara, a roomie from my days in Austin, is coming up for a visit and to watch The Longhorns trample the Razorbacks on TV (didn’t get tickets to the game in Austin, so coming up to Fayetteville is the next best thing I though, and so did Barbara). It’s not that I need to impress Barbara with my mad organizational skills, it’s just that I want it to look put together for my sake. I want to be a good hostess with a relaxing guest room and amazing guest bath.

Ah well, perhaps it will be done in time for my next visitor.

I already know what a certain one of you will say – something along the lines of “it’s okay to take it easy”. I know it is… I’m guilty of being just like my mom. Always going going going.

If You Must Know…

my mom (in white) and my siblings (and me!) laughing about something – as we usually do when we’re all together, posing for a pic

… and I know you do, or at least, if you are anything like me, then I know you do. My last post was a bit vague, and I apologize for that. I’m not sure how to write about what I’ve been dealing with this past week. Thankfully, my sister is good with words and is able to write about it.

You can read about it at her blog here

So yeah, cancer – the big “C” word. It’s a bad word and I really never thought I’d have to deal with it. It was one of those things that other people deal with, but not my family. I suppose I’ve been wrong before.

I haven’t done much of anything except sit at the hospital this past week with my mom and my sister. It’s been a long and stressful week – more so for my mom than me, but still, stressful. I did take some time today to check out an art festival, do some shopping for jewelry supplies online and watch Bridge to Tarabithia (not a good one to watch if you are already emotional – I should have known, the book made me cry like a baby when I was elementary school). It was nice to do those things, but I felt badly that I was not with my mom. I think I’ll head back up to the hospital in the morning because I’d rather be there, reading a magazine with my mom than at home making jewelry.

I have my priorities.

Life Happens

Life has not been full of crafting, cooking or gardening this week. I’ve been busy with other things that life can throw your way.

I promise to return to blogging very soon – hopefully with some super pictures taken on my new background.

I really appreciate those who have been keeping my family in your thoughts this week. Keep sending the good thoughts!

And once again, I’m one with my pictures.

A huge thanks goes out to my sister, Punkinhead and Girlchild on Etsy. She brought a lovely cabinet door to the craft show this weekend for a potential display piece. Well, it didn’t work for the show but it’s going to be FABULOUS for pictures of my jewelry on Etsy. It has a similar look to the background that I used before I moved from the house that provided that background. The best part about the door is that it is portable. I’ll be able to take it outside to a sunny spot and shoot picture after picture. Yay.

In post-craft show news, I believe it was a successful show. 6 Hands (my sister, mom and myself) did well as a group. Each one of us made about the same amount of money and had better sales than the past show. I think it gets better and better each show. We do better with our display, with our pricing, with our tent, etc etc etc. I have a very good feeling about the show in October which, if I’m counting right, is only 5 weekends away.

However, as much as I love the craft fair, I’m EXHAUSTED and am glad it’s over for a few weeks. I’m going to spend this evening unpacking, maybe listing some new items on Etsy, and waiting for my frozen pizzas to make it home from the store with my Sweet Boy.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.