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It’s a bonafide miracle, y’all

These legs are strong.

Mark this day down.

Today, July 21, 2014, I ran my first 5k. I started my plod and 40 minutes and 3.19 miles later, I stopped my plod. So, further than a 5k but not less.

Not one single, step less.

So, it’s done. I have my first official race on August 3 and after that I’ll work on speeding up my pace a bit. I’d love to see a faster pace by summer’s end but I’d also love to see myself being able to ink out a 10k. I think either or even both are doable but I’ll take it one run at a time at this point.

If you’re a new runner and 30 seconds down the trail at a fast pace does you in, I promise it DOES get easier. Each extra step is an accomplishment. Soon you’ll be up to 5 minutes… then 10… then 25… trust me, it is possible.

I’ve been challenged trying to work out how I’m going to keep this up in the winter. The trade off for the beautifully long summer days way up north here in Portland (yes, way up north, it’s much further north than anywhere else I’ve called home) are miserably short winter days. Am I going to be a lunch runner? Will I join a gym? Neither one of those sound like the ideal running opportunity but I’m thinking those are my only two options. Adult decisions are hard.



On another topic, completely unrelated to my most favorite running milestone, I want to get back into a blogging group. I absolutely adore having an outlet for my words. It serves as my history book and I hate when there is a lapse. There is a group called Portland Bloggers that looks very organized and they meet on a bi-monthly basis. I think it’s perfect for what I’m wanting. I need some ongoing inspiration and purpose for my blog. I also think it might be a good opportunity to meet some new people. Since moving to Portland over a year ago, I’ve met one person away from work.


Sad much?

Oh yeah, and that one person moved here just after me from… you guessed it… Fayetteville, AR. I moved over 2,000 miles away and met up with someone from home base. Thankfully she was pretty awesome, so I get a pass on that one.

It’s time to shake that up a bit. Hopefully you’ll stick with me as I start writing more and hopefully make it to a 10k before the first frost hits.

Wish me luck (I’m sure I’ll need it).

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I’ve Figured It Out!

Since returning home from the Bloggers Conference, I’ve struggled to develop something to share.  I was reminded of so much, but I had trouble pin pointing that one, big “ahah!” moment.  It just wasn’t coming to me.

You see, I’ve been blogging since 2001.  I started things off with ‘Ramblings of a Generic Female’ and I’d be hard pressed to remember which platform I used to build it, but I learned a bit of HTML with it so I could play with the theme colors and fonts.  It wasn’t quite a plug and play as it is today… at least, it wasn’t in my world.  I very quickly purchased Ehwin.com as my domain name and kept that for many, many years.

My blog changed throughout the years and as I grew older and wiser, I left Ramblings behind and started IdyllHands.  Before you cringe upon hearing that, I did print ALL of my posts from Ramblings and put them in a binder.  Those were my college and then some years.  It was my diary.  I posted my ups, my downs, frustrations and celebrations.  I couldn’t let it go away forever but I certainly didn’t need that stuff sitting around the internet for the rest of time.

So along came IdyllHands and for a while it was just a blog about stuff.  A lot of the stuff centered around crafting and gardening but has since evolved and I now include a LOT of professional discussion.  I’m transitioning between young professional and whatever comes after that.  I have a lot to say as I make that step.  It’s a big step.  It’s scarier than anything I’ve done before but it’s oh so rewarding.  So, naturally, that is what I like to talk about.

At the conference, many discussion topics revolved around what it is you want your blog to be.  What is your point?  What are you saying?  Who are you?  What is your gift to the reader?  HECK, I don’t know.  I’ve done a pretty good job maintaining a theme around creatively balancing my professional and creative life.  Is that what my blog is?  I suppose.  I hope it’s good enough for you, if not, you might as well leave now because I doubt I’ll change it anytime soon.

So my take away from the conference wasn’t about content.  So many of the attendees are talking about content, but I can’t find it in me to do so.  Maybe that is why I haven’t blogged since then.  I thought I needed to live up to something and I just couldn’t do it.

Then it hit me.

This weekend, while cleaning up my creative space, I glanced at my DSLR camera that my dear, sweet brother sent me a couple of years ago.  He had moved up in the camera world and this guy needed a home.  I’ve used it all of once.  I know, I know!  I’m a terrible camera owner.  I just don’t know how to use it.

And no, I didn’t read the manual.

Leave me alone.

I like to figure things out on my own.

But I can’t figure this one out.  Because of this small, tiny detail, I went to a 1 hour talk about photography basics.  In that one hour I learned EXACTLY what I have been needing to know in regards to that camera.  Every day since the conference I’ve thought about pulling out the camera and reviewing my notes and taking world class pictures!  This weekend, I finally started playing with it.  No, I don’t have anything to post just yet.  I’m honest but not that honest.  I will say this, had I known reading the manual or a few online tutorials would have sparked this camera interest in me, I would have done so 2 years ago.

As it is, that is my take away from the conference.  Photography.

Hi, my name is Erin.  I went to a blogging conference and fell in love with my DSLR Camera.

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This Blogging Thing… It’s Hard Y’all!

Remember that time I wrote a blog post almost every day for at least 2 weeks?  Yeah, I could start a blog post this way at least a few times a year.  Lately I’ve been baking way more than I’ve been blogging.  My middle doesn’t appreciate this.

Sometimes I just do not have anything to say.

I don’t use my blog as a place to unload my brain for the day.  However, now that I’ve written that down, it doesn’t sound like such a terrible idea.  I like for my posts to have some kind of theme, to fit within a topic, to have style and flair.  These goals are harder things to keep up with than you might think.

Okay, so I might be preaching to the choir.  Perhaps everyone who reads this is a blogger and you’re nodding in agreement and sending me a silent “Giiiirrrlll, don’t I know it”.  Maybe you aren’t a blogger but you’ve chosen the non-blogging route because you don’t want the commitment of keeping a blog.  So then, I suppose you’re also sending me a silent “Giiiiirrrrllll, don’t I know it”.

Oh, you don’t say “giiirrrllll” as much as I do?  Perhaps you’re sending me a silent “Yeah, I know, move on, new topic please”?  I’m sorry, but no new topic, just go with it for a minute… humor me why don’t you?

My first blog was updated quite regularily.  It lasted for the majority of my college years and college was full of tons of things that needed to be written, apparently, but I was never short on words.  I was apparently emotional then too.  I suppose that happens to a girl in her early 20s.  Old boyfriends, new boyfriends, professors that were mean, professors that inspired, old boyfriends not leaving me alone, Barenaked Ladies lyrics written JUST FOR ME!!! Yeah, I know, emotional.

Being a grown up, functioning adult, participant in this society of ours just doesn’t leave time for emotion, I suppose, because when I sit down to write, it just doesn’t always come.  I guess that is why I’ve targeted my blogging towards work/life/creativity and how I balance the three.  However, is this the right way to go?  Would another direction give me more to write about on a regular basis?

Well, I’m here to announce that I’m going to attempt to answer that question this weekend.  A coworker of mine invited me to a bloggers conference this weekend.  The Arkansas Women Bloggers is a great collection of women bloggers in, you guessed it, Arkansas that gather for occasional meet ups and this is one of their big events promising to be chock full of good ideas and hopefully a bit of blogging inspiration.  Besides it being nestled in a gorgeous part of our state, I’ll be surrounded by women seeking the same inspiration and good ideas.  This should be a good weekend.

And with all good blogging events, it comes with some awesome sponsors.  Ziploc was just announced yesterday and if you know me, you know I love food organization!  I have a cabinet full of vintage pyrex fridge dishes and boxes full of Tupperware (trying to phase out the plastics).  I know, I know, why am I excited about Ziploc if I’m trying to phase out plastic?  Because, guys and gals, they have a new glass product!  I’m stoked.

I’m also stoked about…

…wait for it…

COWBOY BOOTS!  Yup, this Texan transplant is finally getting herself a pair of cowboy boots.  Country Outfitter (an Arkansas company, BTW) is sponsoring giving a pair of boots to every participant and then, and this is the best part, we each get a chance to give one of our readers a pair of boots.

YES, you heard me correctly.

One of you will have the chance to win a $150 gift card to Country Outfitters to use on a pair of boots of your choice.  I find this perfectly good incentive to start following my blog, you won’t want to miss out on this giveaway.  I won’t tell you win I’ll post the giveaway, but I recommend you start keeping an eye on this space immediately!

I can’t wait to return to blogging with new inspiration and new boots.  Stay tuned, amazing things are sure to come!

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